What do you get when you combine years of scientific research with the knowledge of the founder of Nautilus? The most spectacular workout circuit your body will ever experience …HeartCore!


HeartCore is the latest groundbreaking initiative from community heart health leaders Heart Niagara.  It operates 20 MedX machines, and provides personal one -to-one energy coaches, with a medically proven personalized measurable approach for clients ages 9 to 90.  It’s the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available.  Sessions take only minutes to complete, are highly effective and safe for everyone regardless of fitness levels.


When Heart Niagara Executive Director Karen Stearne got the word that the medically proven equipment was up for sale at a fraction of the regular cost…she had to act fast, realising this was the opportunity of a lifetime to bring the system to their Niagara Falls location and improve the heart health of many within the community.

Now Heart Niagara needs YOU to “Flex Your Generosity Muscle” and help contribute to this incredible equipment and its 90,000 price tag. Says Stearne:  “By flexing your generosity muscle and becoming a Heart Niagara health champion, you will be making a commitment to the long-term health and wellness of your community.”

Check out the amazing HeartCore system in action and learn more about how it works in the video below:

Look good?  Why not get involved in the ‘Flex Your Generosity Campaign’ which is all about covering the start-up cost of HeartCore.  Heart Niagara needs everyone (individuals to groups…small to large businesses) to do what they can! That is why they have structured sponsorship levels from $25.00 to $25,000.00.00 so as many people in our community with the ability to contribute to such a beneficial campaign can do so!

If giving to feel good and being part of  this healthy community movement is not enough,  there are even more incentives to ‘Flex Your Generosity Muscle’!  Sponsors will receive other benefits like name recognition on the MedX equipment and HeartCore entry passes, to thank them for their generous support.  All participating companies will also be promoted on Heart Niagara’s website and on social media, plus they will receive team incentives as well!

Your heart is the core of your health and you can flex it by showing your generosity today. Your financial contribution will go directly towards the equipment set to be here September 2015!  Community health begins at HeartCore! Please click on the button below to go directly to the donation page and find out more information and please FLEX YOUR GENEROSITY MUSCLES TODAY!!


Or go to the following to contact Heart Niagara directly:

Phone:  905-358-5552

E-mail:  info@heartniagara.com

Web:     www.heartniagara.com

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/heartniagara #HNHeartCore

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HeartNiagara


About Heart Niagara:

For 38 years, Heart Niagara has been providing cardiac health education and services to the region on a non-profit level, relying on the generosity of the community to support its programs. 













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