According to police, due to community concerns and several complaints regarding a marihuana grow operation in Niagara On The lake, Police conducted an investigation into a lakeshore Road property. This investigation was concluded with Police executing a search warrant at this same location. Upon executing the search warrant 11 people were arrested.

This location has 4 separate legal marihuana grow licences, however not one of the persons named on the licences were at this location at the time Police executed the search warrant.

Police seized 843 very large marihuana plants that were being grown outside. The fact that these plants were outside contravened the licence to grow as all the marihuana was to be grown indoors. The value of the marihuana seized is approximately 1.6 million dollars.

The odor associated to this large amount of growing marihuana caused the surrounding neighborhoods to complain, as these people were unable to enjoy the outside of their properties.

The following 11 people have been charged with 1 count of Production of a Controlled Substance, 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance and 1 count of Possession of Proceeds of crime:

-47-year-old Fa Can YE of Pickering
-50-year-old Chao ZHANG of Florida
-60-year-old Yangming CHEN of Scarborough
-46-year-old Xiong ZHENG of Mississauga
-50-year-old Jia Zhang CAO of Markham
-51-year-old Hua Mu LIN of Markham
-57-year-old Yandi LIN of Markham
-36-year-old Shi Wu LIN of Markham
-41-year-old Tong Ming YOU of Markham
-47-year-old Shuhua YOU of Scarborough
-47-year-old Ping Leung FU of North York

All 11 persons have been released from custody and will be returning to the St. Catharines courthouse in October to answer to these charges.

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