According to police, on the morning of November 1st, 2015 police attended a residence in the town of Thorld for a report from a concerned parent. The parent related to the officer that their child went “trick or treating” last night for halloween in the neighbourhood.


Upon returning home, the child began to organize their treats and then began to indulge in a few treats when to their surprise they bit and “felt” something hard within the bar, stopped chewing and removed the item from their mouth.  Upon removing the item from their mouth they noticed a slender metallic item sticking out of the chocolate bar.


The item did not enter the childs mouth at any time and no injuries were sustained as a result. The metallic item resembled a razor from within a disposable shaving razor and the packaging of the candy bar may have been tamped with.

Parents are reminded to check their childrens candy prior to consumption.  Attention should be made to the packaging i.e. tampering or disturbed.

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