Fall Reflections

My grandmother’s voice still echoes in my ears and I hear the words, “Time flies.”

It feels like summer just started and then…. all the kids started back to school.

Could time really have flew that quickly?

Seems far too soon but the signs of fall are dancing around us. No, it’s not the crispness of the morning air or the changing leaves on the trees. It’s seen in the increased activity at the local neighborhood high school that I pass by in the evenings.

The 25 MPH speed limit slows me enough to get a glimpse of the evening actions that are the backdrop to the school. Football players are on the practice field and I see the coach on the sidelines shouting out directions while the players run their drills. I can only imagine that the players must have visions of suiting up in their football pads and scoring the game-winning touchdown as they shine under the Friday night lights, all to the sounds of the cheering fans in the stands.

On the front lawn of the high school, I see the girls trying to perfect their routines for cheerleading tryouts. It seems to be a spectator event in itself. Chairs are all lined up and filled with women who I would venture to guess are probably mothers watching their daughters. Some will make the squad and others won’t.


Will those who don’t be crushed, I wonder? I hope not.

And then there’s the Facebook statuses that show pictures of moving day to the college dorm. Another new stage of a child’s life as parents mourn the fast passage of time.

I find myself throwing out great thoughts to the universe for all of these kids as they embark upon a fresh new year. I send quiet whispers of encouragement to all of them and hope they use their school days to build a great foundation for their adult activities.

Seasons often represent nature’s cycles that are mirrored in our lives. A new school year is also symbolic to New Year’s Day for adults. It’s seen as a fresh slate. One chapter of life has closed and the next chapter is ready to be written. The new school year is a fresh representation of many things. It is often met with new clothes, new attitudes, new looks, and new hopes, dreams, and desires. Maybe it’s the hope of being popular, making new friends, dating the boy/girl of your dreams, or making better grades.

Every Day is a New Opportunity

We all probably recall what those first school days in the fall felt like. Whether it was high school or college, we remember a time that seems to be just a mere reflection of who we are now.

But it is a reminder that there are still those events or those changing times that present an opportunity that pushes us to a fresh start.

But the reality is, there is no set day that designates a time where we can start anew. Every day can be that day.

Do you know when your life changes?

It changes the instant you decide it changes.

It changes when you make a commitment to yourself that you are going to live the life you love.  You don’t need any certain day to decide who you want to become and what changes you will make to get there.

There’s only one thing that matters: The Present.


The present is where all things happen. The past lives on only in our memories and the future isn’t even here. We sacrifice joy today every time we use the present to worry about the future or we let our memories of the past hold us hostage.

If you want to make changes in your life, think of today as the day to do that. We are given a renewed opportunity with every waking day. You decide what you want to do with that opportunity. You have the power to make great decisions for your health, body, mind, and career. Change can only happen in the present moment. Plan for the future you want to live by purposeful actions today.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the same glory as the football player feels under the Friday night lights because of your successful achievements.

Here’s to a purpose-filled day! You can’t have the future you want without taking action today.

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