The Niagara Regional Police Service’s commitment to road safety continues with a R.I.D.E. campaign in the City of Thorold. During the evening of November 26th 2015, Niagara Regional Police Special Enforcement Unit organized an evening of R.I.D.E. in the City of Thorold which proved to be a busy evening for officers.


Police say, in the first two hours, approximately 300 vehicles were stopped. From those drivers spoken to, three arrests were made, two for impaired operation and one for possession of drugs. Four other drivers were required to provide breath samples into an approved screening device. Additionally, two Provincial Offence Notices were issued.

Police would like to thank those drivers stopped for their overwhelmingly positive attitude and support for the campaign. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. R.I.D.E. operations are conducted throughout the Region of Niagara all year long. The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to reducing impaired driving offences through education and the apprehension of offenders with enforcement programs like R.I.D.E.Impaired driving is still the leading cause of Criminal Death in Canada. Impaired motorists place everyone’s safety at risk by drinking and driving on Ontario roads and highways with thousands of lives lost every year. If you suspect another motorist of impairment, the Niagara Regional Police Service encourages you to contact Police to report this crime.

In addition to watching for drivers impaired by alcohol, officers are also looking for those impaired by drugs. The Special Enforcement Unit has Drug Recognition Officers trained to look for signs of impairment from drug-use and will enforce the laws of driving while impaired, accordingly. Novice Drivers (G1, G2, M1, M2) and young drivers (under the age of 21) are reminded that their blood alcohol content must be zero when operating a vehicle in Ontario. In Ontario, an impaired driving conviction arising from a R.I.D.E. program stop will cost you thousands of dollars including towing, car impound fees, legal costs, court-imposed fines, and increased insurance premiums, however the cost of risking your life or another person’s life far outweighs the financial cost. Plan ahead when considering your evening out this holiday season and arrive safely.

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