On Monday, January 18th, 2016 members of the Niagara Regional Police Service, Special Enforcement Unit attended the area of Mcleod Road and Kalar Road in the City of Niagara Falls for a traffic investigation.


In recent weeks police have been contacted by numerous residents in the area with concerns of safety regarding vehicles failing to stop for school buses when students were boarding and exiting the bus each school day. Many of the students included pre-school aged children leaving and returning to a daycare center at this location.

Over the course of the morning and afternoon, police charged four drivers for the offence of Failing to Stop for School Bus, under the Highway Traffic Act. The infraction included a $490 fine and six demerit points. One of those drivers was a novice class G2 license holder who will now be subjected to a license review by the Ministry of Transportation and suspension upon conviction.

All four drivers made no attempt to slow down, driving past the bus as it was loading and unloading children.

Police would like to remind drivers that by law they are required to stop their vehicle when a school bus is stopped with its overhead flashing red lights working in any direction. Driver’s may proceed when the lights are turned off and when safe to do so.

With the winter season now upon us please help to make Niagara roads safer for both pedestrians and motorists by adjusting your driving habits according to weather and road conditions.

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