(Main picture Crimson at the Niagara Falls Humane Society)


The team at niagarabuzz are pleased to have our latest contributor Cathy Fugler from the Niagara Falls Humane Society join our team!  Here the news, stories, fears and frustrations, and the happily-ever-after stories from the Humane Society will be shared.  Here is Cathy’s first column and a few pictures of some animals at the shelter now…..

I started my day with a jolt recently. On my way to work I watched  a cruel human (and I use that word loosely) aim his car at a frantic squirrel trying to cross the road.  Little guy didn’t stand a chance. It just infuriated me, and hurt my heart. Why would anyone think it was okay to deliberately harm an innocent animal?

I grew up in a family where kindness was a given. My grandma made mittens for anyone she thought might have cold hands. She also took in strays-baby birds who fell out of their nests, cats with broken legs, every needy creature found a friend in her.

My dad was one of those guys who could fix anything, and did. For anyone who asked. My mom was a fierce protector of wildlife. We once had a chipmunk in the back yard. She loved it when he would reappear each spring, and would spend the summer feeding him peanuts and making friends with him. She grieved when one springtime he didn’t return. And everyone always knew to use our side door once springtime came and some birds built a nest in the eaves on the front porch. No one was allowed to disturb her “birdies.”  When my daughter was little she spent hours every summer rescuing ladybugs and potato bugs from our backyard pool, and grieving when a bird or mouse drowned.

I’m so glad I was raised to respect life, but it does make it frustrating to watch how many people don’t. Our team here at NFHS often talk about how much we prefer animals to people, because they are more genuine.

We try to treat all the animals in our care with kindness and respect. Animals are all different, just like people. You also can’t judge their behaviour at the shelter because they’re stressed and frightened. They need gentleness and understanding and security to thrive, just like us. Pictured Below Dudley and Keko




Every shelter animal needs a human protector, advocate and friend. It’s a big commitment, so people need to spend time planning a life with their new pet. We hope you always think about the shelter first when you are considering an animal companion. Pictured are Slurpee…







and Miss Molly enjoying some sunshine…..

miss molly

Check our website, www.nfhs.ca, to view all our adoptable animal profiles. The website will also tell you all about what’s happening at the shelter. We always have something planned. Join us for dinner the first Thursday of every month, we always serve something homemade and delicious. And Trivia Night is coming up on April 22, check the website for details. Book a table, its great fun and one of our most important fundraisers.

Thanks for reading. And remember, kindness matters. A lot.

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