Donald Trump has won in three states, including Florida, but lost Ohio to the state’s governor, John Kasich, as he continues to move ahead in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton won at least four states, hurting Bernie Sanders’ bid to defeat her march toward the Democratic nomination.

Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, dropped out of the presidential race just after the polls closed.  That leaves Kasich as the last true establishment candidate running against Trump conservative Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump has put Republican  politics in a tailspin by winning most of the state-by-state competitions for delegates who will choose the party’s nominee. His message that has focused on Americans’ anger with Washington politicians,  immigration issues and fears of terrorism, seems to be working as he attracts voters with his simply put message to make “America great again.”

Besides Trump winning the biggest prize – all 99 Florida delegates – he won North Carolina and Illinois, and was locked in a tight race with Cruz in Missouri. He told a victory rally in Florida that it was an amazing night.



  • Florida: Trump – 46%
  • Illinois: Trump – 39%
  • Missouri: Too close to call
  • North Carolina: Trump – 41%
  • Ohio: Kasich – 46%


  • Florida: Clinton – 64%
  • Illinois: Clinton – 51%
  • Missouri: Too close to call
  • North Carolina: Clinton – 55%
  • Ohio: Clinton – 56%

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