Live with intention…Leaning On Others (“Toby” featured in main picture, currently at the Niagara Falls Humane Society along with all the other dogs pictured)…


Life is complicated. That’s one small sentence that packs a punch, and could take a lifetime (or many lifetimes) to unpack and truly understand. The meaning of life is often discussed in groups, and has been theorized by many of the greatest minds in history. If you are like me, life’s business doesn’t offer too many moments to slow down and reflect. But, sometimes, it does, and that’s when those “aha” moments happen. (Ozzy below)


One of those moments happened to me this week. I am in the helping field. Helping others is what I do and I self identify as a helper. For many of our readers, you can relate. Helpers will go above and beyond the call of duty. Helpers are often those rocks that keep people grounded, will come to your home at 4 AM when things are breaking down in your life, will answer your call, lend you money, you name it. They are there to answer the call for help. It’s what we do. The flip side to this is that helpers are so used to helping and wanting to help, they neglect their own needs when busy sacrificing their time, energy and resources for others. When we become overburdened, we don’t ask for help. When our batteries are running on dead, we don’t turn to anyone to help them recharge. When the gas is out of the tank and we’re running on fumes, we simply don’t ask for a refill, even if someone is standing right in front of us. This is a learning curve we must overcome. (Below, Kicker)…


I believe, for the helpers of this world, we need to open up in more discussion about allowing others to help us when we need it. Life is about knowing how to lean on others, to trust others and know that they will pull through. In a society so fixated on individualism and “doing it on your own”, being self centered, getting to the top, and trampling over people, this is against the current of the backwards messages the media pumps at us every day. Asking for help makes us vulnerable and in vulnerability strong, lasting relationships are formed. In our weakness we become strong. (Below, Prince)


I was at the shelter for a drop in again today. The good news is that the dogs who were afraid and scared have become bolder, more confident and trusting. They no longer cower in fear when I come to say hello. There is unfortunately, one puppy in the last stall who was shaking so bad that I wanted to run in and scoop him up, hug him and tell him it’s going to be alright. That wouldn’t go over well though. I am wise enough to know that this pup would see this as a threat and attack me, so I loved him from a distance and told him that things will be better from now on, to be patient and to learn to trust again. (Below Dudley)


As you have likely seen online in the weekly articles in the various papers we contribute to, and on our FaceBook page, there are many new dogs at the shelter—and a few long timers. Wally is still there! This means that he is a shelter veteran and I bet he assures the new pups at night not to be afraid, that someone just like you will come and take them home. I have to say that Wally is my current favourite pup right now. He’s got such a bold and confident personality. His character is hilarious. He has these very comical mannerisms. Go see him and spend some time with him and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Wally below:


The new pups are also all amazing (and I’m not just saying that to get you to come to the shelter). We have a big variety of dogs—big, small and everything in between. Hounds, English Collies, a Cockapoo, Coonhounds, Rottie/Doberman and Shepherd mixes, five combinations of bulldogs, a Golden Doodle (aka a big furry shag carpet of comfort), and a Lab. What an assortment. This reminds me of the doggie version of Baskin Robbins.

Please continue to submit your feel good stories of the pets you’ve adopted into their Forever Homes. In the future I am looking to run a series on your stories. They are all very inspiring and gives me a great sense of hope. This is after all what life is about, unity and leaning on each other.

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