Ah romance!  Wedding season is upon us and we want to remember that special day with great quality photos and videos right?  But there really is MORE to a great photographer for your special day than may meet the eye.  PLUS,  a good quality photographer is not cheap so isn’t it worth a little investigation into making sure you get a good one?  Here are a few quick tips to get you on the right path:


Know What You Want

Yes, there is a general flow how wedding photos are taken, but every couple is unique and these days more than ever you can be specific, you can be unique and you can be up front in saying exactly what you do and do not want.  Do you have a special “vision” of how you want your day portrayed…maybe you have seen something done before you would like replicated.  Don’t be shy, if you want a great outcome you have to communicate openly with your photographer.  It’s a give and take relationship!


Portfolios Are Important

Don’t be shy …ask for past work, complete work (eg. a beginning to end wedding day’s photos/videos), not just a couple of “the best” shots that may be offered up.  In this way you can see how the photographer handles all parts of the wedding, including the preparations, ceremony, cocktails, portraits, speeches, dancing, etc.

No Handshakes Here…Get a Contract

A photographer for your wedding that does not have a contract (and without liability insurance) is likely not a professional….and do you really want to risk going down that road?!

A solid contract will lay out everything in detail, with no questions dangling.  It should say what the photographer will provide, and how (DVD, prints, video, an online gallery, a finished album, etc). It should also have the what ifs included like what happens if you ask the photographer to work longer.

Also what if something happens to the photographer on your big day (illness, accident)? You want to know how things will be handled, what the back-up plan is.

The contract will also lay out the costs, deposits and when balances have to be paid so there are no surprises.  Weddings can be costly and you want to keep in control of what/when spending is occuring at all times.

NOTE: If you are having a small weeding it may be tempting to dodge a contract but experts say that even then it is important because ultimately having one will protect both you and the photographer.

Like The Photographer That You Hire


All photos aside, it really is important that you get along with your photographer. When you think about it, you will be spending the bulk of your big day with him/her so isn’t that really a point worth thinking about?

Things like their overall personality should be a good fit with both of you and if you are feeling good with them the finished product in the photos should reflect that!

Equipment and Personnel Check

So, we would like to assume a wedding photographer that you are considering has all the necessary equipment to do the job right, but do not be shy to ask a few technical questions and get a feel for them.  Does that photographer have a full range of equipment to capture what you want? (photo, video, sound, whatever).

Also, will he or she be working with an assistant or second photographer? How will that work out with cost, etc.

Or, heaven forbid…what is the plan if there is rain? Will the equipment and photographer have a bad outcome if this happens?

BOTTOM LINE: Your big day will have enough stresses of its own. With a little homework, you can find yourself a great photographer that fits all your expectations and will give you a lifetime of great photos to enjoy.

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