The great debate begins with plain cigarette packaging.  Will it really make a difference in smokers’ habits? (sample of plain packaging in main pic above)

Well, the  federal government will hold 3 months of public consultations to begin the process of considering the so-called “plain packaging” for all cigarettes sold in Canada and if it does become law, all logos, colours, and brand images would be removed, replaced by a uniform colour and font.


Australia implemented full plain packaging laws and saw smoking rates go down and this is one of the examples that will be considered as it seems to be proof that plain packaging DOES decrease smoking.  Of course there are critics who say smoking has gone down in Australia because of  increased taxes and increased awareness campaigns about the harms of tobacco smoke not packaging, but either way it seems to be worth considering.

The Canadian Cancer Society says that because cigarette manufacturers mostly oppose the plain packaging, this in itself is proof that it is effective.

What do you think will do it for smokers? Is packaging REALLY the answer?  Seems like a lot of effort for something unlikely to have a huge impact on folks who need to get their nicotine fix.

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