An event called Hug the Park is being held on Thursday evening at 5:00 pm at Glen Ridge School for everyone interested in attending.  Its mission? The Old Glen Ridge Community Association is hoping it will be a day of support where lots of folks will show up to ensure the DSBN does not sell off the soon to be closed Glen Ridge School to developers.


In a few months the board will be in a position to sell the school and its two acres of park space and because of the market value of the land some fear that it will be a real estate developer who sweeps in and purchases it.

Supporters of Glen Ridge who show up on Thursday are going to demonstrate their love for the property by joining arms and “hugging” the park at 7:00 pm.  to demonstrate their interest in protecting the green space in their neighbourhood with a drone camera capturing all the action from above.

The evening will also feature a final school Funfair where memorabilia, food trucks, games and live music and the digging up of  an old time capsule will happen.

There will be a pause in the action at 7:00 pm for the hug of the park and the photos from above to commemorate the event.


Glen Ridge School

101 South Dr, St. Catharines, ON L2R 4V7

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