Police say, between July 19 – 22, 2016 members of the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) conducted enforcement throughout the Region of Niagara.  Police had occasion to stop four drivers for Stunting under the Highway Traffic Act.


On July 19, police stopped a vehicle in the City of St.Catharines that failed to yield the right of way to on coming traffic at an intersection.  As the light changed from red to green the driver squealed his tires as he entered the intersection to avoid having to wait, in doing so he nearly collided with an oncoming vehicle.  The driver was driving without a valid driver’s licence, licence plates or insurance policy.  Later that same day, a driver was observed travelling at an excessive rate of speed on the Queen Elizabeth Way weaving through traffic.  The male driver was stopped for speeding 160 km/h in a posted 100km/h zone.

On the evening of July 22 in the town of West Lincoln police stopped two drivers who were both speeding over 50 km/h over the speed limit.  Their speeds were 141 km/h and 148 km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone.

In all four occurrences, each driver was arrested and charged with the offence of Stunting Driving under the Highway Traffic Act.  These charges include an immediate mandatory 7 day driver’s licence suspension and 7 day vehicle impoundment. In addition, the drivers will be required to attend court and upon conviction could face fines as much as $10000.

The Niagara Regional Police remain committed to keeping our roadways safe.  Police remind everyone to slow down, pay attention and please use hands free devices only.

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