(Main picture: Butterfly 7 1/2 years old up for adoption now at Niagara Falls Humane Society) As a growing young adult, I look to older generations with wonderment and curiosity. One can’t help but ponder the inevitability of aging, and all the realities that come with the process. I simultaneously root myself in my current status while hypothetically travelling further down my timeline.


We are constantly bombarded by messages everywhere we turn to cling to our youth as if showing signs of aging renders you weak and irrelevant. Have you tried the latest anti-aging eye cream? Work on your figure before it’s too late! It’s all very taxing. I remind myself to be  present in the ’now’ and cross those bridges when I come to them later on. Worrying about the distant future robs precious time from my present self.

In learning about the laborious care that older individuals often times require, I have also come to know the unique simplicity of which their happiness stems from. A walk outside on a nice day, a quick visit from a family member dropping in to say hello, the profound gift of waking up to another day granting your body its own mobility. Their gratefulness is something I take away from each of my visit with different grandparents.

There is an energy shared between old souls. Their many stories written upon their worn faces accepted as a part of their collective identities. Whether it’s a frosted furry face of a pet or a human with enormous smile crinkles from a lifetime of sharing laughter, we can learn a lot from spending time with seniors.

We all slow down when we reach a certain age, and same goes for our pets. Senior animals tend to have a tranquil quality about them. It’s all in the eyes. You can see their gratitude. They’re just happy to be by your side for as long as they can, and thankful for the kindness you show them. This change of pace parallels the human experience. Put an older pet who simply wants to cuddle in a room with an affectionate senior yearning for company and you have a match made in heaven. Love has no business discriminating on the grounds of age.  (Pictured below: quiet Ginger love hers her chin rubs)


The Niagara Falls Humane Society is a foundation that requires a lot of “heart work”, a term I define as a balance between dedicated hard work and the generosity of the surrounding community. All of the goals we set out to accomplish require a lot of help to gain momentum and ultimately achieve. That is the beauty of this organization, it brings people together for the greater good. The Humane Society has created a wonderful program in which we match senior animals to the loving homes of local seniors (65+).

(Pictured below: Dallas​, 8 years young​!)


As of right now, we are only working with cats, though we are hoping to expand to helping our senior dogs as soon as possible. Be on the look out for Find Me Somebody to Love donation boxes around Niagara Falls, or drop by the main shelter if you are interested in helping out this incredible campaign.
For more information on animals up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society CLICK HERE

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This week’s submission written by Alexandra Hari



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