(Main picture is Lily.  A lovely 3 year old Mountain Cur mix up for adoption NOW.  For more information please click HERE).   We have all heard this saying before – and quite honestly, it’s one of my favourite sayings because it’s true. Growing up, they didn’t teach you about life.


What I remember learning is about is english grammar, math and “the classics.” Who in their right mind believed that this could help us? I couldn’t have less of a use for how a verb or pronoun dictates my speech and language skills. That statistics class in college? Useless. Those “classic” novels I was forced to slave away reading? Could anything be more dull? Is anyone else here with me? What I have learned, and retained, is by living through something, overcoming it, and in the process becoming stronger.

The Struggle Is Real!

With so much happening in life, we sometimes forget to slow it down. Stop and smell the roses. Take some time to adopt a pet and go outside and play with them. Be active. Be choosy. Get beat up and knocked down. Get bruises. Take a risk.

Sometimes we succeed, but in my case, sometimes we fail and break a bone trying to be superman off the front stoop. It’s how we learn and how we toughen up. We have to step up and take control of our lives. In every way. To accept those scary things, be bold and push past our barriers into truly living in our full potential. That means dumping that boyfriend or girlfriend whom you know you have no real happy future with. That means telling your boss where to put it as you finally decide to pursue that passion you’ve been dreaming about for years. That means doing something new and invigorating.

Join a mixed martial arts class. Start singing lessons. Build something awesome using your creative talents and your hands (you know – those hands have more uses than texting and playing the latest fad of Candy Crush) You are strong. You are bold. You know what to do – now go do it!  (Below is Baily, a 2 year old spaniel mix up for adoption NOW.  For more information please CLICK HERE)





Bailey is a shy youngster who has had a rough past (don’t we all?). He was rescued in West Virginia from a hoarding situation with over 50 other dogs. He is making good progress but is looking for a quiet calm new home to help him acclimatize to a new start. He is considered a flight risk (skittish, will take off is given a chance). A fenced in yard is required. He is quick to bark if he is nervous but is you give him a minute and let him know he is okay he will settle down and start wagging his tail happily. He loves getting his treats and has an adorable grin on his face that makes you instantly smile.

The struggle is getting so real right now!

If you were anything like me, I would occasionally run into these type of conversations with people – can you say “awkward!!” These things make us uncomfortable because it makes us consider stepping outside of our safe little comfort zones that we have built around us. You aren’t truly living up to your full potential until you are outside of that comfort zone.

Throughout my life, there have been many crazy wild and quick turns. Some I was hoping to see happen and I celebrated those moments. Other moments hit me blind side, knocking me and tumbling my life up side down. But – you know what? I got back up and continued on. In those moments, I always had a dog, cat, or other critter scurrying around me through my life. Connecting to life forms other than another human is quite fascinating.

Being able to look into a dogs eyes and know in your heart that they feel what you feel and understand it without any words amazes me time and time again. Having a cat run around like a complete spaz and into a wall face first cracks me up every time I see it – even on the worst days. Being scanned by those incredible horse eyes, you peer into an old soul, wondering how much they can see into yours. Our pets just know what to do without doing a thing. Connecting eye to eye is such a simple act, yet it’s so moving; so profound in the most opportune times.  (Below is 6 year old Bumble up for adoption now for more information please CLICK HERE).



Bumble’s a wonderful cat; very handsome with a white tone and distinctive grey markings on his head and tail. One of our newest members, he stays out of the way but does not hide and will be in a place where he can observe what’s going on. When you go to pet him, he’ll follow you and rub around your legs wanting more pets. He’s a very friendly guy and gets along great with our other cats. Bumble would be a great addition to your family, he’s gentle and would love sharing a couch with you. He enjoys playing with dangling toys especially one with a cloth “tail”.

Is the struggle real?

If we can stop and breathe. If we can step back and take a moment. If we can just let lose for a moment and relieve that building tension. Just do it. Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it with everything in you. Look at the greatest innovators of all time. They just didn’t care what others thought, disregarded the social norms and pursued their passion without relief. Its what they loved and the world has been made a more beautiful place because of it. (Below is little Sparky looking for a forever home NOW.  For more information please CLICK HERE). 



Hello there, my name is Sparky. I am was very very shy when I first came to live with Foster Mom. I didn’t even want to come out of my crate! But then they brought in help to so that I can learn to feel secure. It also helped that foster mom kept me with her for the first day or so, once I realized I was safe and loved, wow was I feeling great. Now I walk around with my tail up, play and snuggle with Foster mom, and just love being around her. If you are willing to help me feel safe then I would love to be your home forever. I love snuggling, being close to my person, and playing. When we go for walks I always watch for Foster mom but I no longer am frightened by new people. I am still shy, but willing to meet people as long as my person holds me. I hope I see you soon!! Sparky is still learning to trust people but is slowly coming around. Sparky is 12 lbs. Sparky is in a foster home. Meetings can be arranged by calling the shelter.


Shelter hours:


Monday – Friday 10 am – 4:15 pm

Saturday – Sunday 11 am – 3:30 pm


phone: 905-356-4404


As always, I encourage you to submit your stories and pictures of the pets you have adopted, or plan to adopt. Your pictures and stories will be in future articles! 

This week’s submission written by Christopher Dalton

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