(Main picture is Bailey, a 2 year old Spaniel Mix who is available now for adoption. For more information CLICK HERE)


Anyone who knows me is well aware of my affinity for dogs, my favourite animal. Their stories can turn me into blubbering mush all the while motivating me to become a stronger, louder advocate for animal rights, not to mention how my dog helps me get through most days. She is a light in my life.

Dog ownership has become a big part of my identity, though dogs are not the only pet I have loved & raised. At one point, this house was home to a variety of different critters.  (Below is Honey looking for a new home. For more information CLICK HERE).


Hamsters were a fun pet to have around while growing up. They make a great pet for enthusiastic animal-loving kids. We had a few over the years and all of them were sweet as can be. My sisters and I desperately wished for longer lifespans for those furry friends, but we made the most of the time we had with them.

There was a fish, his name was Gilbert and he was beautiful. My parents allowed me to get a bearded dragon in middle school. That was fun. Reptiles make for very fascinating pets. It was a neat change from just having fluffy pals around. Though I did learn that reptile ownership requires a fair amount research to start, commitment, and a strong stomach for handling bugs!  (Below, Ether, a Border Collie Mix hoping for a new family! For more information CLICK HERE)


We also owned 2 guinea pigs. One was my sister’s, the other was the family’s, but I bonded with her the most. I loved spending time with them snuggled up in my neck, even if it triggered my allergies. I miss the sound of that delightful little pig purr. When the time is right I would love to welcome more guineas into my home. (Below, Majorie, a lovely cat looking for a lovely person to adopt her! For more information CLICK HERE).


All of the animals I have had to care for in my lifetime thus far have made an impact on me in one way or another, whether it was teaching me the art of gentleness, to learning responsibility through creating routines. Each one has left their imprint.  (Please consider Carlos, a Rotti-Mix pictured below, who so desperately needs someone to see his potential and adopt him!  For more information CLICK HERE).


I often center my articles around the topic of canine care and adopting dogs. Rarely do I deter my focus away from yapping about dogs and shine a light on other species. I would like to take an opportunity to switch things up this week and make note of the varying selection of animals at the Humane Society. If you are in the market to invest in a smaller pet, the shelter does have rodents up for adoption. They often have pairs of rats in need of good homes. There may be even be reptiles. Perhaps you’re looking to adopt a bird. It depends on what arrives at the shelter, and when. You can always keep up with what is available at the shelter by frequently visiting nfhs.ca and looking under adoptions.
Road Runner is available at our new Adoption Centre at Niagara Square. (Pictured below, for more info click HERE)


This week’s column written by Alexandra Hari.


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