Police say that since February, members of the St.Catharines Street Crime Unit and the Repeat Offenders Parole Enforcement Squad have been investigating a male for his involvement in the sales of cocaine in St.Catharines. This individual was recently released from custody after serving time for a manslaughter conviction and was on Federal Parole until September 2018.


On March 20th 2017, members of the R.O.P.E squad arrested this male without incident for Trafficking a Controlled Substance.

Members of the St.Catharines Street Crime Unit were then granted judicial authorization to search an apartment associated to this male. During the search Police located a quantity of crack cocaine and marijuana.

Arrested and charged with the following was 41 year old Bryan Craig of St.Catharines:

Traffick a Controlled Substance
Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Numerous Parole Violations

Craig was held in custody pending a bail hearing on March 21st 2017 and will also be held responsible for his alleged violations with the Federal Parole Board.

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