(Main picture is Daffodil, up for adoption now at the NFHS, for more information CLICK HERE).


We are shaped by the environment in which we grow up in and the various new territories we expose ourselves to as we grow older…

You can tell a lot about a person by the bubble of things they surround themselves with and how they choose to interact with others. Some people are open books, walking around with their hearts embroidered on their sleeves; others encase themselves in a shell that’s tough to crack.

(Below, Kipper a 1 year old Coonhound for more information CLICK HERE). 


It’s fascinating to see these opposing personalities converge into the middle of a venn diagram when something as sweet as a smiling dog or a snuggly kitten crosses their path. I have witnessed people with the toughest of exteriors be reduced to dewy-eyed and docile beings while in the presence of an affectionate animal.

There is something to be said for the no strings attached approach our pets take to receiving and reciprocating love. It is unmatched in its power.

I’m young with an undeveloped identity. I have yet to discover what love is in the romantic sense of the word. What I have learned, more importantly, is how one type of love does not outweigh other types in significance. Different languages of the heart deliver the same messages of spreading and receiving kindness.

(Below, Freckles a 2 year old German Shepherd/Hound Mix.  For more information CLICK HERE).


My dog can read my mood and react accordingly. She knows when my attention is demanded elsewhere and when her companionship is welcome. I have bad days that rattle my demeanour, we all do. In this instance, she will force herself onto my lap despite her size and insist on licking away my tears if they were to emerge. This invasive reaction of hers works like a charm as it cuts through my gloom and doom and makes me laugh at her goofy persistence. My dog is not perfect, but she’s perfect for me.

The power of love.
This week’s column written by By Alexandra Hari

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