Canadian Blood Services says it has a “critical need” for donors to replenish its inventory for all blood types.  In a statement, the organization called for 150,000 donations across Canada by July 1 to ensure there’s enough blood to meet patient’s needs throughout the summer.

The agency is supposed to have enough units of blood to meet its needs for a period of five to eight days, but they say the current supplies are much lower and urge Canadians to think of the everyday patients who require blood, not just the emergency cases.

For example, car crash patients might need the equivalent of approximately 50 donations, while patients with leukemia need the equivalent of eight donations a week. It’s about people and making sure there’s enough blood for patients every day.

Canadian Blood Services is now promoting its National Blood Donor Week, which runs in 14 different communities from June 11 to 17.

During National Blood Donor Week, as well as during the summer long weekends, Canadian Blood Services are also offering Canada 150 collector pins to anyone who visits a blood donation clinic. See below for some local clinics in the niagara region:


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