A lot of folks will want to take a dip this weekend with the nice weather and the official start to summer, but slow down if you are beach bound…

According to the Niagara Region Website that posts regular water testing results at local beaches, six Niagara beaches are “unsafe” for swimming.

The beaches are:

Charles Daley in Lincoln, Jones Beach in St. Catharines, Lakeside Beach in St. Catharines, Nelles Beach in Grimsby, Sunset Beach in St. Catharines and Belleview Beach in Wainfleet

A beach is listed as unsafe or closed for various reasons including:floating debris, oil, excessive weed growth, bad odours and general turbidity and of course when water tests show high levels of e. coli bacteria.

Also remember that weather conditions can affect test results and beach water testing results may not always be accurate as conditions can change quickly due to the weather. Test results are intended as general guidance. Residents are encouraged to consider the current weather before deciding to enter the water.

If you have been to a local beach lately, the region is asking you to take the time for a survey to reflect on your experience.  To take it click HERE.

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