So there at the bottom of my driveway sat a guy on a great big hog [motorcycle to most of us]. And I wasn’t surprised. The guy had changed his ‘mind’. He now felt he could have fun in his life and he was doing it. He came to show me that – that and the motorcycle. How did he do it?


It’s all so simple really.
Your subconscious rules. Now this isn’t physical. Nobody can find the subconscious in the brain. No neuroscientist has been able to pinpoint consciousness either but we all know we are conscious – and have a subconscious – don’t we? I guess we could call this the ‘mind’.

So yes, it’s simple.

We keep making beliefs about ourselves, others and the world from the moment of birth. And they get stored in our subconscious minds. And they keep firing so we look at the world and ourselves through our beliefs. Many of those beliefs are very good. They keep us healthy in all respects. But – we can have destructive beliefs as well. And this is where hypnotherapy helps you change your mind.

Using what you’ve already got.

Hypnosis is simple letting your own brain waves slow down. You do this when you go to sleep, concentrate deeply, get involved in a book, movie or even drive a car. You don’t know you do this though. Hypnosis is the guidance and the act of doing this deliberately so you can walk through the door of your subconscious mind.

A hypnotherapist is the guide to teach you how to do that – how to move past your daily conscious mind. It certainly is very small in comparison to the subconscious. And it always loses when the subconscious powers up a belief. That’s why will power doesn’t always work. Unless you are willing to relax those brainwaves, trusting the hypnotherapist to guide you, hypnosis doesn’t work. That’s why hypnosis can’t be done to you. It is done with you.

You can slow to the point that pretending can seem real [like when you were 3].

I don’t do much of that. I’m more interested in working with your subconscious to find the ‘why’ of a harmful belief you are holding and neutralize it – even plant a new healthy one. And in 4 to 6 sessions you really can – change your mind.

The hypnotherapy part is the guidance for your subconscious, the questions asked of your subconscious, the bargains made with your subconscious [and it can be stubborn] while you are in that deep relaxed state.

Suffice it to say that when your subconscious agrees to let go of that harmful belief you too can lose the symptoms of IBS, stop pain, view life differently, get that excellent golf shot, and even give up airborne allergies. I’ve seen my clients do it.

Not too many sit at the bottom of my driveway on a hog though.

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