Yes it’s true…activated charcoal is making its way into some pretty cool looking ice cream!

Activated charcoal, a black detoxifying substance traditionally used medicinally to help treat a drug overdose or poisoning, is now being put into a multitude of consumer products .

Toronto ice cream shop iHalo Krunch is making headlines with its black, activated charcoal-infused coconut flavour that also comes in a black waffle cone .

The owner of the shop says that folks love it and “we put just enough that it actually adds the colour to the cone without having to add food colouring but that it’s still safe to consume.”


Activated charcoal is largely flavourless and often derived from coconut husks. It’s traditionally used in acute cases like poisoning because it can bind up toxins in the gut by a process called adsorption.  It is said to use an electrical charge and there are microscopic spaces in the activated charcoal where all the toxins go into, and then it helps your body eliminate it so you’re not absorbing it into the bloodstream.

Some health experts also caution not to take activated charcoal at the same time as prescription drugs, as it can interfere with their absorption.

Activated charcoal has also been used in water filters and marketed as a tooth-whitening agent and as a topical treatment for things like bug bites and poison ivy rash.

It’s becoming popular in part because of a growing interest in gut health.  Bottom Line: Everything in moderation!

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