Main picture, please check out this deserving dude….CARLOS!  He’s only 2 and he would LOVE a new family this fall!  Could it be yours?  He has been waiting over a year.  For more information CLICK HERE).


It’s always a refreshing experience to cross paths with an individual whose charitable nature makes you want to better yourself and the lives of others.

Someone with a heart coated with kindness from top to bottom. Often times these encounters spark a deep exercise in self-reflection. It’s jarring in the best possible way, to see people glowing through the brooding shadows of adversity life paints upon our skies. I have a keen admiration for responsible foster parents, both to humans and animals. It most certainly requires a special kind of empathetic person to place this kind of situation upon their shoulders. (Below sweet hound mix Ms. Walker needs a new home!  She is wonderful 5 year old dog.  For more information CLICK HERE).



Fostering an animal is a good fit for those who do not wish to take a new pet into their homes permanently. I have a habit of falling in love with all sorts of animals at the drop of a hat, perhaps just a 5 minute interaction. I envy the strength of those who offer a safe haven on a temporary basis, knowing that their furry visitor is only in their life for a short period of time. (Below… if you are looking for a cat that will get along with your other felines, look no further than 5 year old Joy who loves the company of her furry friends.  For more information CLICK HERE).



The Niagara Falls Humane Society is committed to welcoming animals in need of a safe roof over their head. Due to the limited space at the shelter, there are times when outside accommodations must be made. The environment may not be suitable to animals easily susceptible to stress. A foster home offers a peaceful place for nursing and pregnant cats, and for dogs and cats who need extra attention and help with socialization. Some of the animals the foster volunteers take under their wings have injuries or some mild sickness.

(Below,  is beautiful Bijou, a 1.5 year old female up for adoption.  For more information CLICK HERE).




The experience of fostering will have its ups and downs, some more than others, with the outcome presenting a well-loved and adoptable animal. Taking on this responsibility helps the Humane Society tremendously. If you would like to participate in the Niagara Falls Humane Society’s Foster Program, contact Cathy at 905-356-4404 or email at
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