(Main picture: Scott and Kellie Amis, founders of Haven)


Starting up a new business can be a daunting task, but with the right product and connections, success can be just around the corner!

Just ask former niagara residents Scott and Kellie Amis (formerly of Welland and St. Catharines), founders of Haven Mattress, a Canadian luxury direct-to-door mattress company. 

Kellie the COO of Haven explains, “We are so excited to announce a partnership with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from HGTV, that all started when the couple tried out one of our Haven Rejuvenate Luxury Mattresses for themselves!”

As for the Baeumlers, Bryan says the partnership with Haven was an easy decision. “Their mattresses offer the best in the business at a very affordable price. We all know getting a good night’s rest is a must have and a Haven mattress allows us to sleep soundly and wake refreshed. “ (the Baeumlers pictured below)


The new partnership for Haven is big news indeed, but the Haven product and business model is exceptional even onto itself. The Canadian made mattresses are not only hand tailored using top-quality materials but they are offered at prices that are guaranteed to please the pocket book and well below the retail norms.

Says Scott Amis,  “We partnered with a major manufacturer with strong roots in Canada going back 60 years as well as top mattress designers that have designed many of the millions of beds sold in retail stores across Canada under other top brand names. But, at Haven, we are able to cut the retail markup because of our direct to consumer distribution channel without the expensive showrooms.  Our state of the art vacuum packaging also gets you the mattress you want and saves you real money.”


Besides the great value, there are also other reasons to consider buying your next mattress from Haven, including their 10 to 1 Safe Haven program where for every 10 mattresses sold, they donate 1 to a person in need.

Overall the Amis’s who now reside in Kelowna British Columbia, could not be more pleased that their business is finding recognition as a great product that delivers on so many levels.

Haven mattresses ship to the 10 provinces in Canada free of charge and feature a hassle free 100 night guarantee. To find out more about Haven, visit their website at: havenmattress.ca

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