The liquidations sales are set to start up today at Sears Canada and could continue for 10 to 14 weeks.


This following,  court approval for the organization to move forward with a full liquidation of its remaining stores across the country. The move will put 12,000 of its employees across the country out of work.

Locally, the closures will affect 122 employees at St. Catharines’ Pen Centre, 21 that are full-time and 101 part-time. Employees will not receive severance under Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act according to reports.  However, they will receive working notice, vacation pay and continue to accrue vacation pay as they work through the liquidation period.

The Pen Centre Sears has been part of the mall since 1966 when it was built for Simpsons-Sears. It was one of the stores added to the mall during a massive expansion which made the Pen Centre the fourth largest mall in Canada at the time.

Online shopping at will also wrap up at some point, although a date has not been announced.

The end of an era!!

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