(Main picture, Samantha Young, volunteer with Niagara Falls Humane Society)


I’ve always loved animals, so nine years ago when the Humane Society asked for volunteers to help with the cats, I jumped at the opportunity. (Below, beautiful Bach is looking for a new family, for more information CLICK HERE).



Shortly after I started, one of the cats went into labour prematurely. At five months old, she was still a kitten herself, and was absolutely terrified. As a result of her being so young and afraid she had rejected her new litter. We waited in hope to see if she would come around but unfortunately she didn’t. I knew there had to be something I could do. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of these brand new baby kittens so they would grow strong and be adopted into forever homes. (Below, sweet Delilah would love for someone to adopt her.  For more information please CLICK HERE).


Only one female survived birth. I decided to foster her. I brought her home and built an incubator where she could sleep at night and where I could keep her close. I treated her like you would any premature infant: I wrapped her in my shirt, bottle fed her, kept her warm, and comforted her. Bottle feeding was very difficult. It was necessary to feed her every couple of hours, day and night, to get her strength up. Sadly, despite all of my efforts, she passed within a week of being born. (Below, stunning Navarro. To find out more about adopting him CLICK HERE)


This experience changed me. As hard as it was, and as much as it broke my heart, I knew that there were so many animals just like her that need help and will continue to need help. I decided then that in addition to volunteering at the Humane Society, I was also going to foster animals so that they could have the love and attention that they need in order to succeed in their forever homes.

(Below, pretty Pita.  Would you like to adopt this sweet black cat?  For more information CLICK HERE)


Through the years I have been blessed with many foster babies. I have watched them grow and get stronger. I have watched my fosters go to forever homes and thrive. It is my hope that through these articles you will get a glimpse of what fostering means to me and most importantly, what it means to the animals.

Column wirtten this week by Samantha Young.

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