You may not think about it, but we are just like you. We have our happy (and sad) moments and look forward to (or are dreading) the holidays.

We have also noticed the commercials on television asking for your donations. A few have run year after year. We know them by the first few notes of “So this is Christmas”. This year, a new commercial joins the fray. We are shown starving senior’s with red-rimmed eyes. I look away. I can’t stand to see suffering.

The Niagara Falls Humane Society needs you, too, but instead of showing you suffering animals, we will tell you that we are a safe haven for all who enter our doors. We provide shelter, food, socialization and love. I can say with certainty that the love goes both ways. Our volunteers are gems who give freely of their time, talent, gifts and love.  The animals in our care respond in kind. There is a sacredness to the relationships built in our shelter.

I’d like to share a good news story. This is what your donation DOES – In the present – right NOW.

This is Brandy (main picture). She is a chatty girl who likes to take things slow at first, loves catnip and rolling around to play with her toys. She enjoys snuggling up in her bed or getting some chin rubs or treats. She likes to come to you for attention and she isn’t shy when she needs some love! This is what volunteer Ray has to share about Brandy: ” Brandy seems to have had a hard life in her 3 years. She was brought in as a stray and was very malnourished and had fleas on her hind quarters.

She was very insecure when she came to us. Now, however, she is safe, warm and dry, has food, and a secure place to sleep. Brandy has love and attention from our volunteers and will curl up on a lap when they’re sitting on one of our chairs. She has really come out of her shell and walks around our room and allows herself to be gently pet, but only on her head and shoulders, as her back end is still sensitive. Brandy would prefer to be an only kitty in the household with no small children. All Brandy needs is someone to adopt her and give her the love she deserves in her own home, and she will reward your love many times over and will find anything you do interesting. Giving her a home will be a very rewarding experience for you.”  For more information CLICK HERE.

Brandy is the reason we’re here. Brandy and all the other furry creatures that knock at our doors and our hearts. Please go to to see how you can become our friend and partner in this very important work. You may also call us at 905-356-4404. Happy Holidays to all! See you next year!

This week’s column written by Sheryl Hutton

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