Here are some handy home hacks to make the winter season a little more bearable…


1. Did you know you can use dryer lint as a fire starter?  It ‘s true it finally has a purpose! Put it inside a toilet paper roll or an empty egg carton and enjoy that fire!

2. Use cooking spray on your snow shovel! This trick can help cut down on shoveling time as the cooking spray helps the shovel break into ice. The cooking spray also helps the snow slide off the shovel so you’ll have less strain on your back.


3. Keep wet boots from leaving a puddle on the floor by putting them in a tray filled with rocks. The rocks help the water leave the bottom of the shoe so they dry faster.

4. Add Pool Noodles To Keep Boots Straight – While those winter boots are drying, keep them from toppling over by placing cut pool noodles in the legs.

5. We’ve all heard about pipes bursting in the dead of winter. Keep this from happening to you by with foam. Also be sure to disconnect external hoses as these tend to trap water which will later freeze.

6. Put Foil Behind Your Heater Or Radiator – Foil is one of our favourite kitchen supplies. Not only is it used to make tasty dishes, foil can also be used to scrub pans, deter animals and, in this case, reflect heat back into your home.

7. Use Hand Sanitizer To De-Ice Locks – Most Canadian drivers have experienced the struggle of unlocking a car door in the dead of winter. Make it easier on yourself by rubbing hand sanitizer on your keys before inserting it in a lock. The alcohol in the sanitizer can help dry out the ice.


8. Keep A Pot Of Water On The Stove To Add Moisture In The Home – If you don’t have a humidifier, placing bowls of water around the home can help keep moisture in the air. Alternatively, boiling water can also create steam.

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