(Main picture is Jr. Beef, an affectionate handsome boy who loves belly rubs, naps, and cat nip. If you are interested in adopting this little guy please CLICK HERE).


Hello to all.   My name is Dianna, I am a part of a team of writers for the Niagara Falls Humane Society.

I volunteer at the Adoption center called For The Love Of Cats, that is located on Montrose Road and South Wood in the Mount Carmel Centre where Food Basic and Canadian Tire is.

A year or so I filled out an application to become a volunteer for the adoption center at the Niagara Square and I have been helping since. (Below, beautiful Blitzen.  For more information on this boy please CLICK HERE).


I have always, since I was little, had a cat, dog and even a bird when I grew up in Chippawa, with my parents and so here goes.

My first experience of having an animal from the shelter was a Lab Mix, her name was Buffy and our family had 15+ years of wonderful memories. She was all black with a small white streak down her chest.

The second time I went, I saw through the main area, there is a windowed room with a couple cages and that’s where I saw my second animal, a small black with a white stripe dog, who was moving his head side to side. He gave me that puppy look. I went home and brought my Mom and at first did not want a male dog but after a few minutes, she fell in love and to this day I still don’t know what mixture he was, because he had beagle legs and ears, fur was medium length and curly and his tail reminded me of a husky????

(Below, cute little Don Wrinkles is looking for a family.  Could it be yours?  For more information please CLICK HERE).



Well now that I own a house, I have two cats, Junior, he is my timid cat who hides, and then there is Taz, short for Tazmania, and boy sometimes she is a devil. (Below grey beauty Breanne.  For adoption information CLICK HERE).


Come and visit the shelter or For the Love of Cats. Every home needs a pet! Enjoy your animals. They bring so much to your life.  For all animals up for adoption, visit the website: www.nfhs.ca

This week’s column written by Dianna Dawson.

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