Life is tough. If you’ve lived long enough, you will know that life knocks you down at progressively more difficult intervals, and hits you harder each time. It’s often when you don’t see it coming. (Main picture Piper, up for adoption now, for more information CLICK HERE).


Those are the worst hits we take because we are blindsided by them. It hurts like hell. We experience suffering. But. It does not destroy us. I know that because you are here reading this, and having this knowledge will keep us pushing ahead.

Everything in life will end. It will change. That means that those bad times, those times where we are suffering and in excruciating pain, when we just don’t feel like getting out of bed – it will end. After every storm, no matter how terrible it is, there is one guarantee – the sun will shine after that storm. I can’t tell you how long the sun will shine for, but it will. There will be another storm after that, maybe not as bad, maybe worse – but this is the course of life. To understand that and to know it’s coming is important. To truly understand this deep in ourselves, I think we all have to go through suffering. Suffering changes us. Suffering moves us more than any other motivator ever can. It hardens us up and makes us tougher to face another day. It comes with a cost – heartbreak and loss.

Life is tough. We cannot do it alone. To get through life, we must open up and let others into our lives. Despite the pain we are in. That’s when you will really see who your true friends are. This is when you will see who only offers you lip service, and who is truly going to stand there by your side and carry you until you can stand again. Until you can crawl. Until you can walk, and then run again. We cannot do this alone. In troubled times, special people seem to appear almost out of nowhere, like angels, to help you on this part of your life journey. You cannot plan it and you cannot predict it. It just happens. Welcome them on this part of your journey. They will help get you through.

Sometimes, we just need to be around an animal that we love and who loves us back unconditionally. There’s something special that words can’t quite describe when an animal looks deep into our eyes and just seems to know us and what we are going through. No words are spoken, and no thoughts are exchanged. We can tell that they just know what we feel and they communicate that back to us and comfort us. I know a lot of our readers know exactly what I mean by this.

I want to thank our readers for supporting us week in and week out. You are making a difference in our community. I hope that my words today help you, inspire you, and move you to keep pushing on every day. We can’t do this alone. We all need supports around us to navigate the storms life brings us. When the sun is shining, we appreciate it that much more. We remember the times where we walk in the dark valleys, hoping for a little ray of sunshine. It’s often animals that can help provide that little bit of joy in our tough times. With that said, let’s talk about some of the animals who are waiting for you to bring them to their Forever Homes this week.

Gypsy, a German Shepherd, is a spirited girl with a big personality. She is chatty and loves her treats! She will need a home with no cats. Gypsy knows her basic commands and is very sweet and energetic. Gypsy weighs 60 lbs.


Bernadette Peters, an Australian Shepherd mix, weighs 68 lbs. She will need a home with no other animals. She loves to play and would like a forever home that will give her lots of exercise and love! This beautiful girl is just begging for you to come and visit her. I know she will melt your heart with her charisma.


Keela, an Australian Cattle dog mix, weighs 46 lbs. She is good with other dogs and is full of energy! She is very friendly and will give kisses. She would love a friend to run around with or any home that will make sure she gets time to run and play every day! She will absolutely win your heart as she runs to her own finish line to show off her speed in her efforts to impress you. She has a heart of gold.


Piper, a Lab/Pointer mix  featured in the main picture, weighs 53 lbs. Piper will need help to become more comfortable and safe in crate as he gets anxious and needs to learn that it is a safe space in his Forever Home. He loves to get ear rubs and he will lean on you for pets. He would do well in a home that has a lot of time for play and exercise as well as training. He is a handsome boy with so much potential and personality Piper has shown signs of separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be left alone. He really enjoys being active but he loves his people more and will need support and some training to overcome this. He is a sweetheart who loves to “hug” and is waiting for the right match that will give him what he needs. A home with a fenced yard would be ideal. I know there’s someone reading this who knows what it’s like to have anxiety from being separated from someone. Heal together with Piper.


August below, is a playful girl who enjoys pets on her own terms. August seems to prefer a quiet home where she can be herself and rule the roost. Her warm personality and beautiful markings make her an absolute treat to have around.


Bergen is a love bug who has a playful personality and uses his paws to grab you for pets or just to play. He loves his toys and catnip and will pounce around. This handsome boy will need to be the only cat in his forever home.


Denim came to the shelter as an injured stray after she was hit by a car and found under someone’s BBQ and fence. She was severely injured and rushed to the vets where she was evaluated to have multiple broken bones and fractures. She has since had extensive lifesaving surgery which cost the shelter over $2000 to repair her broken femurs and have a rod inserted so she could walk again along with weeks of medication and constant care. This little warrior is looking for a forever home that will take care of her. She will need to be the only cat in her new home as she does not want to share her space with any other felines and she gets very upset. She is extremely friendly and has the spunk and energy and a big personality packed into a small frame. The shelter is looking for funds to help cover the cost of her surgery which was over $2000, and we need to keep up our efforts to save the animals like Denim who need a second chance at life after enduring so much. Please contact the shelter if you are interested in donating to Denim’s care and the care for the many animals who require these lifesaving efforts; we couldn’t do it without the help from our community. Copy this link for an article about Denim.


Hashbrown below, is a chatty lady who has a big personality. She likes attention on her own terms but a quick way to bond is through food, she can’t resist! Hashbrown will need an adult only home and she will need to be the only cat.


Bambi below, is a shy girl who is still getting used to her new environment. This poor girl was abandoned.  She was very sick when we found her but recovered completely and is looking for some patience as she learns to trust again. She is resilient and will come out of her shell once she gets comfortable. I know at least one of our readers knows what it’s like to lose trust in someone – betrayal is one of the worst things a person can feel. Come take her home and heal with her. Show her the way! Bambi is pictured below…


We also have to be careful about coyotes in our community. Coyotes, like other wild animals, sometimes come into conflict with humans. Since migrating to Ontario from the west over 100 years ago, coyotes have adapted well to urban environments and can now be found in both rural and urban settings. Changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather and natural food shortages may contribute to increased coyote sightings in your community. For tips on how to keep safe from coyotes, visits our website at

This week’s column written by Chris Dalton

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