Brace yourself, because it looks like bugs could be the next big thing on our plate!


Loblaws, one of the country’s biggest retailers is betting that it will be and is adding cricket powder to its lineup of President’s Choice products.

In a statement yesterday, Loblaws says the flour is high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals with a “neutral flavour,” making it a versatile ingredient for many kinds of recipes.  Crickets are reportedly more sustainable than other forms of animal protein as well because they require less food and water.

The product is being sourced from a farm in southern Ontario.

From the PC website , here is the official description:

Made with crickets farmed right here in Canada, this 100% cricket powder is a nutritious, versatile food that is high in protein and an excellent source of vitamin B12. Finely ground with a mild taste, it can be added to smoothies, sauces, chili, curries and baking batters.

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