Main picture is Cliff who is up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society now.  A special $60 adoption fee applies for him.


Everyday life here at the shelter can be tough , many animals coming in with various levels of care needed from basic shots and deworming to major life saving surgeries and months of behind the scenes treatment.

After talking to a colleague last week and having a frustrating day where is seemed people just didn’t understand how much effort gets put into these animals and that for many of us it’s a passion and a desire to help the unwanted and neglected animals thrive and gain trust and ultimately be prepared for a forever home. Sometimes the cage gets messy , cats love to play I would much rather see a cat flinging a toy and making a bit of a mess than cowering in a corner in what looks like a untouched cage. There are stages for many and it takes time and that is what we are here for, I want to try and open up the bridge between the cage and the negative association with it, for them it’s not just a cage it’s a safe space to heal and recover whether it’s a physical injury or emotional, and for many this is a much better option than what could have happened, I am thankful to have been able to work with them.

Below, Bernadette is looking for a new adoptive home.  For more information CLICK HERE.


A new quote I found while expressing my concerns and trying to get more people to understand – It’s about caring ABOUT them not just for THEM. These animals all have personalities, different needs and wants just like a kid. It’s up to us to try our best to do right by them while they are in our care and it’s something I want everyone to think of because we can all do a little more to make things better for everyone.

Below, Honeydew is hoping for a new family soon.  For more information CLICK HERE.


Basic needs should always be met but there is so much room for more! I love giving the kitties catnip or making frozen peanut butter Kong’s for the dogs. Little extras make my day better because they are happy and that is my job, some days are better than others but I am grateful that these animals get a second chance and that I can get to know them and help them find their final chapter in a new home.

We always have many animals up for adoption and we need a variety of items to help us keep them happy and healthy. This is a great reference to specific items we use daily and could use a stock pile of at any given time! There is no such thing as too many toys or goodies. Enrichment is key to a happy healthy animal and it brings them great joy!

  • Cat supplies – mice toys, tinsel balls, scratching posts/cat houses (several sizes and styles) small beds, hanging/string toys, catnip (dried /spray or bubbles) Dry non colored cat/kitten food and any kind of canned food. * We are very low on cat toys and scratch pads and could use more as soon as possible.
  • Dog supplies -Large Kong’s , leashes and martingale collars of various sizes , peanut butter(must have no xylitol) Heavy duty chew toys like kong or similar , soccer/basket balls , agility equipment of any kind for our outdoor dog pens , kuranda beds and pill pockets.
  • Miscellaneous items used daily- liquid laundry soap, dryer sheets and bleach, scented cleaning supplies for lobby/ Windex, Kleenex, pens/permanent markers.

Looking for a dog that is good with other cats and dogs?  Look no further than Felix a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Every little bit helps us make the animals feel better, it’s about them and what they need, it’s so important that they are a priority. They depend on us and we need to be there for them and do our best to give them what they need to heal and succeed. If you are wanting to help in anyway or looking to adopt, please visit our website for profiles and more information If you are unable to donate , adopt or volunteer , I encourage you to please share this article to help get the animals the supplies they need and help those who are right by their side every step until they are ready to leave. Our community is so important to us and every little bit helps get the animals what they need and deserve.

Below, happy Max is waiting for a new family now.  For more information CLICK HERE…




This week’s column written by by Alexis Bennett

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