Spring is in the air and with it, a lot of us are thinking about spring cleaning our homes and  getting organized.


If you’re like lots of homeowners, you spend way too much time looking in your closet for a favorite piece of clothing to wear for the day and that’s because closets are often the most common areas of disorganization, filled with items that are not used or even wanted.

So, the first order of business is to purge what you haven’t worn in ages (some studies suggest people only wear 20 percent of the stuff in their closet)!

Next, organize the stuff you have in your wardrobe by first breaking down the four seasons during the year that require diverse looks and different types of clothing. Those usually include things like: long pants, shorts, tees, dress shirts, dresses, skirts, and sweaters.

Consider these five important reasons for getting closets and storage areas organized:


Save Time with Organization: There should be easy and quick access for all items and clothing. Everything must be visible and within reach.
Save Money By Knowing What is In Your Closet: When everything is visible and accessible, it is more easily inventoried for use. Less clothes usually means less money spent repurchasing stuff you already have.
Everything is simplified when closets are in order: Pants and slacks will be hanging side by side. Dresses will be all together, and all your sweaters will be stacked up by color. This organization will be invaluable for both work and leisure.


OK I’ve Purged But My Closets Are Still Unorganized

After you have taken a few steps on your own, maybe you’ve found that the space you have for storage is not really the space you need and this is where a professional closet designer/organizer may be a great choice.

Dated homes can sometimes present storage challenges with small spaces, but even new ones can have issues.

Mel and Lulu recently moved from the Toronto area to a lovely new home in Crystal Beach, but one of the drawbacks is that there was no real designated closet space that was big enough for all their things.

“When we bought the house one of our major concerns was storage,” said Lulu,  – “the home was beautiful and new but didn’t really meet our needs when it came to the master bedroom so we decided to call up Closets by Design Niagara and we are so glad we did because we couldn’t believe how affordable it was and it actually makes every day easier having this great organized his and her closet!”

See Mel and Lulu’s Story Below:

If your home needs an organizational face-lift this spring, maybe it’s time to give the experts in storage solutions a call for a free in-home consultation. Professional design experts can recommend storage solutions to make easier and storage neater.

At Closets By Design Niagara there are storing solutions for absolutely every room in the home including garages, offices and everything in between and they are offering a 40 % off discount now and free installation by clicking the link HERE.

Check out some of the gorgeous Closets By Design organizational solutions below:

Closet below:  This Everyday Collection Walk-in Closet comes with Deco Doors and Drawers and includes a Tilt-Out Hamper, Slanted Shoe Shelves and stylish Crown and Base Molding to complete the look.

every day closet


Home Office:




Bottom Line: Organization makes life easier!  What are you waiting for?

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