Main picture is Uley, a young cat looking for a new home now.  Find out more about Uley HERE.


Every so often when an animal comes into the shelter for various reasons they need help to regain trust and become familiar with their environment. For many it is an easy adjustment, for a few it can be a tough adjustment and it is up to the staff, volunteers and the community to be their support.

I wanted to talk about a few of my furry friends who could use some help finding permanent homes that will continue to have patience and help them cope and develop and become confident cats. It is a rewarding process from experience and something that is eye opening when you can break the shell of a shy/scared animal and give them some sense of security and love.

Uley came to the shelter a few months ago, he is a handsome youngster who is easily overwhelmed by loud noises but is learning that noise isn’t so bad and he can relax. He loves ear scratches and is looking forward to finding a quiet forever home where he will continue to make progress and flourish into a mature fearless feline! He is doing very well so far and he is eager to meet his forever people.

Sanders is another youngster who came to us very fearful , possibly having no contact with people before as he came in as a young kitten , he is affectionate and loving but is easily spooked and likes to take things slow at first. He would like a quiet home so he can feel comfortable to explore and seek out attention, he has come far and is showing us progress all the time and that he is more than ready to find a permanent home to give him love and support as he continues to grow.

Sanders below:


Spice is an older girl who is very sweet and likes to keep to herself. She will come out when it’s quieter and is always up for chin scratches and pets, this sweet lady is looking for a soft couch to call her own and a family to love her unconditionally for years to come, she has waited a few months and she is looking forward to finding her forever home. Spice would make a great companion for someone who likes to relax and take things slow, she has lots of love to give her just needs her own family.

Spice below:


August is another beautiful girl who has been waiting since May of 2017 to find a comfy home to call her own. She likes to keep to herself but is never shy from getting pets. This little girl has never had a safe space until she was found and brought to us, she has since not only grown but has gained more confidence and love for humans. She would love to meet you but don’t be upset if she isn’t sure at first , she likes to take her time to get to know you and prefers sweet talk and some treats to win her over. She would love to spend time looking out the window or perched on her own cat tower. August below:


If you think sweet August might be a good fit, go visits her and all her friends mentioned above at For the Love of Cat located at 3770 Montrose Rd, Unit 7 (905)-356-4409. For more pictures and profiles please visit our website – all adoptable animals can be viewed there.

The cats are running low on toys and we can use some! They love to play and keeping them happy and healthy is our number one goal and we could use your help to stock up our toy bins again. Donations can be dropped off at the shelter 6025 Chippawa Parkway during hours of operation Monday – Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm. Every little bit helps and we appreciate it and so do the animals.

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