As reported earlier, the new emergency message system (national public alert system) via your cell phones, radio and TV, are being implemented in Canada. 


Testing of the new system has occurred with a few flaws it seems. The CRTC says a problem meant that in Ontario, the test warning messages appeared to be spotty with many Rogers subscribers saying they got the alert at the scheduled time, while Telus, Bell and other users reported hearing nothing.

In Quebec,  the alerts as scheduled in the morning were not received at all and the CRTC is saying that the reason is that there were issues with Pelmorex Corporation, which operates the system in the province.

Pelmorex blamed coding issues that prevented the Alert Ready System from sending the Quebec test message to compatible wireless devices.

As far as the alerts on TV and radio, it is reported that the alerts did reach TV and radio listeners in Quebec, but not all listeners in Ontario.

More testing in areas outside Ontario and Quebec is planned for today.

Did you get any alerts?

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