(Main picture, 1 year old Zona, up for adoption now)


For The Love Of Cats and the Niagara Falls Humane Society, are non-profit organizations, and provide care and compassion to unwanted animals. To help the cause both need to enlist help by various means and so fundraisers are one. This event is the first of many to be organized by all, at For The Love Of Cats adoption center.

In the months leading up to this event, we were putting out the word, through Facebook, both the Niagara Falls Humane Society and For The Love Of Cats website, plus thanks to all other social media it came about and on Friday April 20th, 2018 there were 9 brave participants, 6 volunteers and 3 from the community.

That afternoon was busy for Rose, our wonderful fundraising co-coordinator, setting up tables for prizes and food. Slowly, as the event got underway, people who signed up started to show up and one was a city firefighter, who was challenged by his fellow firefighters to come and nap with the cats and I can say that he met that challenge and won it, because he stayed all night.

I also would like to mention about a couple ladies, friends of Rose and Moe, real troopers. At the same time, there was a new addition to the store, a calico named Mabel, I will mention more about her at the end of this article. (Below, Jerry up for adoption now)

For this event, a cake was made and games were played, again, thank you Rose and son Brandon, her helper. As the night progressed, we all sat around and talked about pets we own, things we like to do, people we know and so by 2:00 a.m, we started to get tired and so we all went and found a place in the main cat area to sleep. There was 2 couches, 2 recliners up for grab and yes, lots of floor room in which some people came prepared with a small air mattress and a cot.

During the night, with the lights off, every so often you could hear sounds of cats scratching posts, drinking water, snacking on food and of course the sounds of a cat(or two) in the litter box, lol. It seem long, but it was maybe 5 or 6 hours as the morning came and so with a coffee or two and a choice of a muffin, croissant it was an end to a wonderful and successful event because we got our goal, which was to purchase special cages for the adoption center and provide immediate care for cats that are not feeling well.

Below 1 year old Simon.

As I mentioned earlier about a new addition to the adoption center. Mabel, a is a colorful brown/black and white 7 year old calico girl who is shy and needs a quiet loving home with older people that will give her lots of cuddles and a lap to sit on. Her owner recently passed away so she’s feeling a little lost and lonely. (pictured below)


Before I end this article, I would like to say that For The Love Of Cats has been open since June 2017, and so we are working on plans to celebrate this accomplishment, so stay tuned.

Also, please check out both the Niagara Falls Humane Society and For The Love Of Cats website and Facebook pages for updates on events and adoptions.

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