Main picture is Gotham, a 1 year old Rotti Mix, who is well behaved and up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.


How’s that warm weather treating you? It’s about time we received some of the beautiful sunshine we wait all winter for.

Us humans know some of the best ways to beat the heat whether it’s swimming, drinking lemonade in the shade, ice cream, etc. We do it best. But what should we do when it gets too warm for our furry pals? Below, Johnny is a Husky Mix, about 4 years old looking for a new home.


First, and I really cannot stress this enough, do not leave your dogs in a hot vehicle. Just don’t. We wouldn’t let ourselves be locked in a hot car, why would it be okay for our pets to be? If it’s hot and you have errands to run, leave the fuzz balls at home.

If you love Chihuahua’s, mother and son Layla and Tanner are hoping to be adopted together as they are bonded and a special $400 adoption fee applies for them.


Maybe it’s walk time, before you step outside test the pavement with your bare feet. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. Consider waiting until the sun begins to go down before heading out on your walk. This will keep your dogs feet safe and free of any blisters or other injuries.

Below, Tuxedo cat Negan is only 1.5 years old and would love a home to hang in!


I personally like to cool off with a swim or a lounge in a floatie. The dog will often pace up and down the pool deck, playing life guard. While he doesn’t swim, he does like to jump around in water. Consider getting an inexpensive kiddie pool for your pet to cool off in while they’re outside.

Make sure you are always keeping an eye out on your pets as they are not immune to heat stroke or exhaustion. If you notice any strange behaviours, please contact your veterinarian for advice or to get your pet examined.

Below, Willard in one cool cat! He is four and as you can see he loves boxes…


Come join us at the Niagara Pet Expo on June 9th and 10th at the Scotiabank Centre! Make sure you stop by our table! Enjoy the summer!

This week’s column written by Katarina Rind

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