If you travel regularly through the Geneva and Carleton Street intersection, directly under the QEW in St. Catharines,  it is obvious the intersection is a nightmare to navigate at best.


In a meeting this week,  Niagara Region’s public works committee addressed the situation. St. Catharines regional councillor Brian Heit  called it an issue “that  needed to be taken care of years ago.”

The good news is that it looks like there is finally a plan in place to make the intersection more drivable which will take place in 2 phases.

Phase 1

Southbound drivers will no longer be able to make left turns at the Geneva and Carlton streets intersection. A southbound curb lane at Dunlop Drive as an exclusive right-turn lane will also be part of the plan.  Signs will be added on Geneva Street to give drivers the heads up about the changes so they can adjust their driving route accordingly.  The changes for this phase should be happening shortly

Phase 2

Geneva Street will be widened  with a left-hand turn lane for southbound traffic added at Geneva and Carlton streets. Once this is completed, the southbound left-turn restriction will be removed.

Phase 2, is dependent on the 2019 budget and is expected to cost over $200,000


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