Besides adoptions, there is lots going on at the Niagara Falls Humane Society! (main picture is Arcadia who is up for adoption.  More information below)


Mark your calendars for August 11th.  There is a yard / bake sale at For the Love of Cats (a nfhs adoption centre located at the Mount Carmel Centre on Montrose Road, near Thorold Stone Road).  There will be books, toys, clothes, and more for sale to help make money for more food, equipment and items for the cats. There will also be baked goods too, ranging from cookies, muffins cupcakes and much more! The yard sell starts at around 8 AM and will be open till an unknown time, so come early if you don’t want to miss your chance on getting wonderful goods and seeing many adorable cats. There will also be a BBQ at the yard sale, which will cook hotdogs and hamburgers.

Now, a look at some of the great companions available now for adoption!

Uley (pictured below)

Uley Is a one year old orange tabby that seems to be extremely shy on the surface, but once he gets to know you he’ll be a fantastic cuddler, jumping up onto the couch beside you and laying with you, hoping into your lap and curling up. You will know when Uley has had enough pets, he may try and nibble you to ask you to stop. Uley would fit in a house with any number of cats, he is playful and loves snuggling up with other cats once he gets to know them. Uley would best be suited in a quiet home, any loud noises scare him easily and he’ll hide for a while if too many people are in the room.


Navarro (pictured below)

Navarro is a 5 year old orange/white tabby, from his mere looks people would assume he is rather lazy, but really? He is one of our most playful cats at For The Love of Cats, he can run much faster than most people expect, jumping over other cats when he runs around, climbing the toys with utter ease, runs through tubes that many people expect would be too small for him, but he fits through them like they were not small to begin with, he loves playing with other cats and would fit a home with any amount of cats. Navarro just prefers a house with no young children in it, it may stress him easily. Navarro will cuddle you once he gets to know you, jumping up on the couch beside you and sprawling out, his belly is just a bit sensitive at times and should best be avoided.



Arcadia (pictured below)


Arcadia is a 5 year old black cat that is a bit shy when she first sees you, but over time and seeing you pet other cats she’ll get to trust you, at first laying on the couch behind you and looking at you, once she gets to trust you enough she’ll jump right down onto your lap and snuggle up with you, nuzzling into you and letting out a light purr, she is much more of a cuddler then a player, she enjoys resting and relaxing with people she trusts. Arcadia would be best in a quiet home with no young children nor any loud noises that might spook her into hiding. Arcadia is a great cuddler and would love a home where she could simply relax all day long.


Some wonderful dogs now below , looking for a new home:  Fred is a hound mix, please find out more at the link HERE.


Below, it’s lively Dumbo.  For more information please CLICK HERE.




Johnny below is a lovely Husky Mix.  For more information please click HERE.


This week’s column written by volunteer Brandon DiCienzo

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