Main picture is Centaur, up for adoption now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.


When was the last time you forgave someone?

Not the easy forgiveness, such as someone cutting you off in traffic or a minor argument with a friend or loved one. No – real true forgiveness. The type of forgiveness that hurts to do because we’ve been deeply hurt. The forgiveness that we need in order to heal from a hurt, from real suffering that someone has caused us. That type of forgiveness….

Animals teach us a lot about forgiveness. When was the last time you saw two puppies wrestle around on the ground, heated? They get separated and then the next thing you know they are best friends again. If you’ve lived a little bit, you know that two people who interlock in physical combat hate each other for decades after. Why?

Or two deer clashing over a female. The stronger one wins and the weaker one moves on to another area in search of his mate. Do you remember the guy who “stole” that girl from you? What do you think about him today? Do you still hold a grudge against him? I ask again – why?

Below, Pestrushka, up for adoption now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.


Animals don’t hold grudges. Animals forgive and they move on with their lives. Do you really think that a lioness thinks about what territorial dispute was had 6 months ago? No way! So why do we hold grudges and chain ourselves so tightly to the hurts of our past? They manifest into monsters that we try to shove away in our closets…under the rug. We expel so much energy hiding from our demons and they always find us. Why do we run from these things over and over expecting a different result? They will always find us, until we face them head on. It’s scary – don’t get me wrong.

Imagine a day where we all could face one of those monsters we all have – challenge it – defeat it – and then move on to live the next day without the burden burning a hole in our hearts day after day after day. What would that look like? It would be really nice right? I challenge you to face that monster because I know you can bring it to its knees and live life free of it. It starts with forgiveness…first forgiving ourselves and learning to love who we are. That circle starts within us and radiates outwards. It will grow powerful the more we feed it with love.

Here at the Niagara Falls Humane Society, we are showered with love every day through the animals that grace our presence. There’s always something new the animals around teach us. Often is it subtle. Often it is very powerful. Often is moves us in deep and profound ways.

What’s aching in your heart right now? It’s the first thing that comes to mind. Face it and heal it. Release yourself from that burden and begin to live out your full potential.

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This week’s column written by Christopher Dalton.

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