Canadians who took advantage of the popular 10 GB of data for $60 deal last year with Bell, Rogers, and Telus will see a price hike starting soon.


It’s reported that all three carriers will  begin charging $5-$10 more for those specific data plans, a move that will affect some 368,000 customers who all rushed to sign up for the deal when it was first announced in December of last year. The deal, which gave Canadians 10 GB of data, unlimited texting, and calling was so popular that people were spending hours on the phone with customer service reps trying to get onto the plans.

Now, they can expect to pay even more for their next phone bills, but the amount will vary by carrier. Rogers was the first to announce the hike for this plan, which for their customers will be $5. The new pricing will come into effect on their February bills . This will also affect people who got the plan through Fido.

Bell will also have a $5/month increase, but this increase is due to come into effect in March and will also impact Virgin Mobile customers.

The most recent carrier to announce their price hike was Telus who confirmed that that prices for this plan would be going up by $10 more per month starting in March or April depending on their billing period. Unlike the other major carriers, it is unknown right now whether the increase will also apply to their subsidiary, Koodo.

The reasons for the hike are pretty much the same across all three carriers including: network service, maintenance, or improvement as a primary reason for having to raise the costs.

The 10 GB for $60 plan was a no-contract, bring-your-own-device deal so there is nothing that stops them from doing this now or potentially raising prices again in the future.

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