Main picture is Kash, a Bulldog mix up for adoption now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  For more information please click the link HERE.


Poet Walt Whitman said, “ I think I could turn and live with animals. They do not sweat and whine about their condition. Not one is dissatisfied.”

That quote rings so true. The animals we see every day at the shelter are very inspiring. They adapt, they learn, they accept, they don’t spend time wishing they were somewhere else, and they make the best of their situation with no grumbling! They form new friendships and are open to new challenges. They learn to trust again even when their trust has been misplaced or betrayed. Humans have much to learn from our animal friends.

Shelter staff sometimes joke that we like animals more than people. Maybe we just really appreciate their honesty and transparency when humans are not always so. We all feel blessed to have such meaningful work. Knowing we are helping the animals and the people in our communities keeps us determined to do the best we can. Come and visit sometime, you’ll see what I mean.

Below, Maxine is up for adoption now, for more information please click the link HERE.

When our community supports our efforts and joins our mission, the animals benefit tremendously. Looking for ways to help? Become a volunteer, adopt a pet, attend our fundraisers, visit the shelter, donate blankets, kitty litter, food or toys, spread the word about what we do, donate your particular time or talent to us. Talk to me, I have plenty of ideas.

On May 25 we are hosting an important fundraiser that will be an exceptional experience for those who attend. We call it Ruff Night at the shelter. You can choose to participate at the Welland shelter or the Niagara Falls one. You gather $200 in sponsors, and then you come and spend the night in one of our dog kennels.

Below, Missy is up for adoption now.  For more information please visit the link HERE.



It is an amazing experience looking out of the kennel rather than into it. You will experience what the shelter dogs do every day. You will have time to spend with the animals at the shelter, and you may even share your kennel with one of the dogs. To reserve your spot, go to Spots are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

On June 8, the city Dog Park will be opening here at the Niagara Falls shelter. The ribbon cutting will be at 11 am, come by and check it out!

We have all kinds of things going on at the Niagara SPCA. Follow us on Facebook or on Instagram (Niagara Falls Humane Society and Welland and District Humane Society) and keep an eye on our websites ( and And remember, we always need volunteers. You can find the application on our website or come in to the shelter and pick one up.

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