Main picture is Tucker, an American Bulldog Mix, hoping to find his forever home soon.  For more information on him please click the link HERE.


“I love what we do!” That was my text to my colleague Tammy on Saturday evening. Her response was an immediate “it’s amazing!!” We were busy with our Ruff Night at the Kennel events. Spending time with a group of like-minded people is heart-warming and reassuring, and energizes us to keep going. Ruff Night was a great success, and those who attended came away with a whole new level of understanding about shelter life. Our thanks to everyone who got involved to participate or donate. (Below, a female Bulldog Mix, Ray up for adoption now.  For more information please click the link HERE.


Tammy and I, and our whole team, need to be able to depend on the kindness and understanding of our caring communities. When you participate in any of our events, you help the animals, and you help the humans caring for the animals too.

We are really excited about a relatively new initiative, our Flights for Paws Program. You may have noticed that we have had dogs coming in to the shelter from some faraway places in the past year or so. Flights for Paws creates new beginnings for animals in need by bringing them to Niagara to find their well -deserved forever homes.

Below, beautiful Candy is waiting for a new home.  For more information please click the link HERE.


It costs $260 to fly a dog from the rescue we are working with in California. These folks work with high kill shelters in their area, rescuing mainly small breed dogs. These dogs, frequently just puppies, are on an arbitrary list for euthanasia, simply because of overcrowding.

In Manitoba, we work with First Nations groups who have issues with pet overpopulation. It costs $105 to fly a dog to Niagara. We also work with Northern Reach, taking dogs from First Nation groups in northern Ontario who are struggling with having too many dogs and too few resources. It costs $125 to fly one of these dogs to Niagara. Delta and Westjet are working with us, and so far over 20 dogs have made a safe and successful journey to our shelters.

We are fortunate in our region to have no issues with overpopulation. Our priority will always be to care for our local animals, of course, but we’re grateful that our situation allows us to be able to reach out to trusted organizations who need our help- AND SAVE LIVES. With our help, the unwanted become wanted.

Below, young Hairy is a Mastiff Mix who is hoping for a new family soon. For more information please click the link HERE.


When you sponsor a dog to come to Niagara, you will be provided with the opportunity to meet the dog, and you will receive photos and an update on their “happily-ever-after” once they are adopted. And of course, you will feel like a million bucks knowing you saved a life.

Can you help? If you are interested in sponsorship, please call or email me. We are also looking for volunteers to pick up the dogs at the airport or border.

If you’ve adopted one of our furry new Canadian citizens, please share you story, we love to hear from you.

To see all the animals up for adoption please visit the website of the Niagara Falls Humane Society HERE.



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