Main picture is Bomber, a gorgeous young kittie looking for a new home.  For more information on him please visit the link HERE.


Summer is almost upon us, and it’s going to be a hot one again this year by all reports.

Every year shelters get hundreds from people upset to see dogs left alone in hot cars. We hear every excuse in the book-“I left the window down! I was only gone for a minute! He loves to come with me, I had to bring him!” Believe it or not, we even get calls about dogs in hot cars at our Outlet Collection mall, which is pet friendly.

The issue of owners leaving pets in their vehicles on hot days, putting their animal’s health and safety at risk, and even causing death, is an ongoing problem. There is no excuse for leaving a pet alone in a vehicle to suffer in the heat. Pets have to trust their owners to provide proper care for them. Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open. Leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle is one of the most irresponsible things a pet owner can do.

Below, Peggy and Pancho are 2 young  siblings looking to be adopted together.  For more information please visit the link HERE.

peg panch

Please share the word. NO HOT PETS.

The Bark Park is now open at the Niagara Falls shelter location. Please remember that dogs must be leashed until they are in the park itself. The driveway and parking lot are busy, keep your dog safe by obeying the rules.

Mark your calendar for Bow Wow and Chow on Sept. 29, and our medieval themed Gala 2019 on Nov. 2. Keep your eye on our websites ( and and Facebook pages to stay in the loop, we have a lot going on!

We are really excited about our Flights for Paws Program. You may have noticed that we have had dogs coming in to the shelter from some faraway places in the past year or so. Flights for Paws creates new beginnings for animals in need by bringing them to Niagara to find their well -deserved forever homes. Can you help? If you are interested in sponsorship, please call or email me. We are also looking for volunteers to pick up the dogs at the airport or border.

Below, 8 year old Berlynn is up for adoption now and would make a great addition to a family.  For more information, please visit the link HERE.

It’s kitten season. Our Welland shelter is looking for fosters to help care for kittens. If you are interested, please email

Pictured below, is my latest office companion. Someone must be looking for this beautiful lovebird, found on McLeod Rd. People don’t always think to call us for a stray bird. Please spread the word that this little one is here, waiting to go home.



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