A POSITIVE story about getting older!  The happiness factor.  What do you think?


A new national study by the ‘Happiness Index’ by Leger found that Canadians are happier after the age of 55 and when they earn a higher income.

Canadians in different age groups from across the country had to rate their level of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10 and jot down what factors helped with their happiness.

Happiness comes in at 44% for Canadians 18 – 54, but it went up to 61% for Canadians 55 and older.

Dave Scholz, Leger’s president of communications said, “Millennials are asking for more, and part of being happy is being happy with what you have. But 55 and over is happiest because they’re in the place they want to be _ retired.”

The study also found that people living in the East Coast were the happiness with 56%, followed closely by people in Quebec with 55%.


British Columbia came in 3rd at 52% and those living in Ontario came in last with only 47% reporting a high level of happiness.

Canadians 55 and older were the happiest thanks to their sense of freedom, they believe they’re living the life they’ve always dreamed, they’re in a satisfying romantic relationship and they’re in good health.

Dave Scholz also wanted to point that, “maybe making more money means that you can do more things that allows you to feel happy, but money itself is not what people believe makes them happy.”

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