Pictured is adorable Alan. He has been with us since October! For more information on this little guy please visit the link HERE.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I talked to the cutest senior the other day, who is planning a Valentine extravaganza for her pets. She is alone, so she’s happily focusing on lavishing her “best friends” with attention.

Her dogs are going to the groomer, then a long car ride, which they love, then home for a special dinner and new toys, and her kitty is being surprised with a new climber and fresh cooked liver for dinner.

Rose tells me that her pets keep her healthy and connected. She finds, as many seniors do, that her furry companions help her to feel less isolated and lonely. I think of how my mother brightens up when pets visit the retirement home where she lives.

For many of us, life without pets is unimaginable. They are a source of comfort, joy, entertainment, companionship, and an endless source of unconditional love. They pick us up when we are down, and they settle into our hearts for a lifetime. Of course your dog’s ears perk up when you say the “w” word, but what they don’t know is that those daily walks benefit their human too! Our animals enrich our lives.

Below, Nikko is a Siberian Husky mix.  Please visit the link here to find out more about about his older guy who really needs a family.


Reflecting on how much our animal companions bring to our lives, might you consider “giving back” to the animal community by volunteering at your local shelter? Our shelters in Niagara Falls, Welland and Port Colborne depend on the support of our volunteer teams. You can be instrumental in helping abandoned and neglected animals find a family to love.

Our Flight for Paws Program allows us to help to relieve the pressures of communities in need, one animal at a time. Some areas, particularly in Northern Canada, have less resources and more issues with free roaming dogs and cats. You can sponsor a dog coming from Manitoba, Northern Ontario or California currently. For more information, contact Tammy at tammyg@wellandspca.com. While you have her on the phone, ask her to tell you some stories-there have been many heart-filling rescues.

National Cupcake Day, February 24, is the sweetest day of the year and we’re challenging everyone who cares about animals to get involved. To participate, register for free at nationalcupcakeday.ca and start planning a party on a date that’s convenient for you. Plan your Cupcake Day for home, work, school, or online-call me for ideas!

Cathy Fugler


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