Closet wars between significant others happen these days because our wardrobes have evolved, but our old closet systems have not!


Closets that don’t function for a couple have become more of an issue these days first and foremost because our wardrobes have expanded (both men and women tend to have far more fashion than they used to).  According to a survey by Sparefoot it was found that 82 percent of couples share a closet that has become a point of strife with half of them admitting to fighting over how much room the other person’s stuff takes up in the shared space.

Currently it is estimated that the average Canadian women has 132 items in her closet while men have about 43. The unequal distribution of closet space can become an issue for couples when ⅔ of the average closet is occupied by women’s clothing leaving a measly ⅓ for the man’s, so what to do?

First Steps 

1. Paring down the amount of stuff you have is the first and easiest solution. Take an hour and sort through each item, consider breaking up with pieces that you no longer use and giving them away to a charity where someone will.

Decide on a “fair division” of spaces.  For example if one person has a lot of shoes, give them the extra shoe rack space, in exchange for the other who has a lot of hanging items and gets the rack space. But be fair, said Elsa Elbert, owner of Composed Living “If you have 100 pairs of shoes, it probably isn’t reasonable to expect your partner to give up space to make room.”


2. Survey the Space – Before putting stuff back in the closet, figure out what will go where.  Simply dividing it up in half will likely not solve any issues.  Make sure there are there places for all types of items, such as long dresses, suits, sweaters, hats, etc. and if necessary consider adding storage using tools like bins, cubbies, or cascading hangers to make the space work.

3. Keep Stuff Separate – Each person should have their own areas within the closet, such as dedicated drawers, say organizational experts. It is all about being able to grab things quickly that you need for maximum convenience and time efficiency (think early morning work dash).


4. Use ALL the Space

Sometimes we forget about the very bottom or very top of the closet as useable space but we shouldn’t!  There is a lot of extra room there.  Also considering the size of each person, consider using high storage spaces for the taller person and the lower, well you get the idea!


5. Set Some Ground Rules

Set basic ground rules for the closet space, realizing in many cases two personalities may have different ways about dealing with a closet.  Ben Soreff, a professional organizer witHouse to Home Organizing says “usually one person tends to be more ‘neat’ while the other is more ‘messy”, so a ground rule here may be no clothes on the floor and a feature to accommodate that may be adding a bin so that the clothes can go there instead of the floor making everyone happy.

6. Free Up Closet Space

Consider adding an extra dresser outside of the closet to handle overflow if necessary while still keeping things neat.


8. Consider a Closet Makeover

Sometimes, despite our best attempts, the storage space we have is impossible to reinvent appropriately and that’s where you may want to consider a closet makeover.  “What used to cost in the tens of thousands can now be had for a fraction of that amount”, says Bob Fraser, owner of Closets by Design in Niagara. “We have custom-built systems to fit any need, space, and taste and we have couples that are blown away at how inexpensive it is to get a custom storage solution that makes their every day so much easier”.

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