We all have to do laundry so why not make that space the best it can be with these easy tips for a fantastic and functional room?


The local team at Closets By Design Niagara help many folks get the laundry room they need so we caught up with owner Bob Fraser for his thoughts about this important space.

“There are so many things that can be done in a laundry room even if the space is very small.  Custom laundry room cabinets and accessories can really transform the area dramatically but there are other smaller things to think about as well,” says Fraser.

Some of the things that you may consider are:

Add More Hanging Rods

Space saving and practical, most households need some space for clothing to air dry, get ironed, etc.  There are a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every need and even tuck away when not in use.

Other options include filling unused wall space with simple tension rods for air-drying and to hold freshly laundered items before they go into the closet.

Below, a sample of a hideable rod that is super handy to use and space saving at the same time.

“Whatever type of hanging system you prefer, I think this is one of the most economical and useful additions you can place in your laundry area”, says Fraser.



Mounted Ironing Boards

Although it is true many fabrics do not need ironing these days, many still do.  A handy ironing board mounted in the laundry room is a huge time and space saver .

A pull-out ironing board swivels and folds out into the space and tucks away out of sight when not in use making it a great feature to think about adding.

Laundry Room Storage & Closets

Beautifully and functionally designed laundry room makes the entire family function better and might actually become your wash, dry and fold oasis.

Says Fraser, “Careful consideration of the arrangement of shelving and storage to the washer and dryer creates a purposeful and organized space. Hampers for dirty clothes and linens and a designated folding space make the process of laundry efficient and so easy… even a teenager can do it!”



Some of the key features that make this narrow spaced laundry above work include:

-Counter area  that offers space for folding clothes and linens
-Baskets and bins that make sorting laundry easy
-Cabinets and shelves store laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and towels while maintaining an orderly look
-Pull-out racks for linens and vertical shelf dividers for mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies organize often-used items
-Puck lighting illuminates work spaces.
-Adjustable shelving creates flexibility for changing needs.

Other Quick Tips for Laundry Space

-A rug or carpet swatch to stand on. It absorbs splashed water and cushions your feet
-Framed art /plants to give it a homey feel
-A pretty dish or bowl near the washing machine serves as a catchall for pocket contents. It’s also a reminder to check pockets for lipsticks, pens, crayons, and other detergent-defeating culprits
-Bulletin board. Tack up care labels, extra buttons and thread, stain charts, and product samples
-Trash can for lint

Bottom Line:  Instead of treating this hardworking space as an afterthought why not give it the TLC it deserves and make it all it can be!

Closets by Design of Niagara have transformed hundreds of laundry spaces for local clients and have solutions for every household at every price point.  Right now they are still open and welcome you to take advantage of their free virtual consultations so that you can get started on your project from home now!

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