You would think that moving into a brand new home would be a wonderful experience all around, but what if you realized once you were in that the closets were driving you crazy with their lack of space and design sense?


This was the case for Peggy when she moved from Toronto to the Niagara Region and it was perplexing at first because the large townhome had ample room on its 3 floors.  Peggy remembers: ” I had this really spacious bedroom that I loved with a closet I couldn’t stand so I just threw my clothes in there and thought I’ll just live with it and clear some stuff out, but that never happened and all that really happened was I got more and more frustrated.”

Below, Penny’s closet had unreachable areas, limited space, low end finishes, dim lighting  and made it hard for her to find anything she needed as seen in this before picture.

Penny before closet

Finally, Peggy took action and called local organizational experts Closets By Design Niagara to see if they could help.

CBDN General Manager Bob Fraser wasn’t surprised to hear her story when she called because he’s heard it many times before.

“You know, it always amazes me when I see these beautiful homes and then realize that the closet design that has been provided by the builder has been a complete after-thought. I know most builders allow a basic minimal design that will do an adequate job (at best) for the people who have to use them daily.”

Penny was relieved to find out that she was not unique in the closet dilemma, and when a designer showed up at her door who seemed to know exactly what she needed it was also a relief.

“The designer came to my home and measured everything out, looked at what was in the space, and then immediately mapped out several different solutions at different price points so that I could pick what worked best for me.  It was so easy and I could not believe I waited as long as I did when I found out how reasonable it was to fix!”

Below, Penny’s CBDN designer provided a sketch of the design for her new closet, samples of finishes and pricing to so that she could get exactly what she needed.


Then the plans were taken to the Closets By Design Factory in Niagara-on-the-Lake where everything was custom cut and designed exactly to Penny’s specifications before being professionally installed.


The result? An incredible transformation that included a space for everything Penny needed to access on a daily basis.  Now Penny says, “everything is so easy to find: my shoes, my blouses and it’s all within reach!  I especially love how my designer incorporated a special area for all my jewellery which I wear every day.  I know where everything is and it looks so pretty, plus, the new lighting makes it so bright and airy!”




Penny says that it’s unbelievable the difference her organized closet makes daily.

“Your closet is a really personal thing  and the ability to change it so it works for you makes you really happy because it’s like a gift you give yourself every day!”

Need to get Organized?

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 Want to Find Out More About Penny’s Story?

Check out Penny’s Closet By Design Niagara makeover video for the full story:


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