Amazon, the Seattle-based e-commerce company announced today it will hire 2,500 people in Hamilton and Ajax for new fulfillment centres opening  in 2021.


Fulfilment centres are where the company processes orders for local communities, before dispatching them to customers in the area. It’s anticipated that the Hamilton site will employ about 1,500 people, while Ajax will have about 1,000 full-time workers.

“We’ve had great success with the talented workforce in Ontario, and we look forward to creating an additional 2,500 full-time jobs with competitive pay and benefits starting on day one,” Sumegha Kumar, Amazon Canada’s customer fulfilment operations director, said in a release.

The new centres will mean the company has 10 in Ontario alone, and 16 across Canada.

More Hiring
In addition to the fulfilment centres, the company says it is also adding three new delivery stations in and around Toronto that process and dispatch the so-called “last mile” of deliveries. The new stations will be in Stoney Creek, near Hamilton, and in Scarborough and Vaughan.

The U.S. parent said Wednesday it also plans to hire  thousands more as well in the U.S.A with business booming due to large online demand.

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